How To Fix Early Release And Retain Lag In Your Golf Swing

Losing lag and throwing the club early in downswing. Sound familiar to you?

Okay…I’ve fought this forever, and I’m now finally going to fix it once and for all. I’m a “hit” type of golfer, having been an explosive track athlete, my fast-twitch muscles just want to fire (out of sequence) and hit that ball!

When you release the angle in your wrist early, nothing good happens. It causes early extension, fat shots, thin shots, toe hits, steep downswing, no compression, loss of distance, poor downswing sequence and a whole host of other golf swing faults and issues.

This swing fault (early release/losing lag) unlike many others does not have to do with a physical limitation, but a muscle memory issue. We’ve got to train the body (and our mind) to hit the ball with our body and rotation, and not our hands. This has been very challenging for me over the years, as I have always felt it was more powerful to hit the ball with my hands and not the rotation of my body.

Look at the photos below. This is halfway down. Massive difference be retaining wrist angle and throwing it out all the way losing speed, power and consistency.


Look at the photos below for impact. On the left a flip, which creates thin, fat, bladed shots, The one on the right is a compressed golf ball with right wrist angle retained, hands ahead, forward shaft lean. That’s what the pro’s look like and what I’m working so hard on rightnow.


Golf Is Just Like Other Hitting Sports

When you think of any other sport, baseball, tennis, hockey, and rugby, you use your body to hit the ball. The sequence is lower body (feet first), hips, then core, finally arms and hands. As golfers, we need to go back to our athletic days and remember how we hit a baseball.

This will be a lightbulb moment for you, as it was for me. I start making baseball swings and video’d it. I was shocked to see the sequence of motion as I just took it for granted. I never really thought about it. The bat comes through last with a ton of right wrist cock (relaxed I might add) and it just flings through the ball. There is no muscular effort other than what happened from the ground up.

Now convert that to your golf swing and you’ll have lag naturally.

It’s All In The Wrists

For me, my wrists have always been very tense, flexed and ready to fire. This is the exact wrong feeling you need to have to prevent early release (casting) in your golf swing. The tighter your wrists are, your brain wants to get out of that feeling, which results in that release of your wrists too early.

But…in order to hold off the release, my teaching pro has me making a conscious effort to maintain that wrist lag position, which is the right thing for me to do as I have a strong tendency to release it early.

This is where the Golf Wrist Lag Aid has been huge along with my lessons to help me really compress the golf ball and hit farther distance with all my irons.

If you struggle from eary release, casting, flipping at impact, this training aid will speed up your results by being able to hit balls with it on.

Your Next Step

Go watch the video right here, and then get yourself one. It will be the best $50 you’ve spent on your golf in a long time.




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