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Golf is the sport of choice for many people. Many people enjoy playing golf in their leisure time. It is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and do light exercises. But many times golfers are wishing that they can go on playing golf forever and the other minute they are swearing off golf completely.

This is due to the fact that many golfers experience back pain at some point in their game. Many golfers skip their favorite pastime because of the pain, but many continue to enjoy the game and look for the ways to improve it.

Many times doctors recommend their patients to start playing the game because of its health benefits. The game helps a person’s heart and helps them be fit. The physical activity also helps an individual reduce stress and provides an opportunity to meet new people. But incorrect technique in the game, overuse of the game, and not using good equipment can aggravate an injury.

Although I’m not an experienced golf player nor have the skills of a professional player, but here I will give you a few tips that will help you reduce the back and neck pain that is associated with playing golf. Also with these simple lifestyle precautions, you can enjoy golf and improve your game at the same time.

Golf posture:

Golf Posture A proper golf posture is an important part of a good and a consistent golf game. There are many different gadgets and equipments that aim to help golfers in maintaining good posture before the game as well as during and after their swing. Many of amateur golfers think that a good posture in golf is to stand tall and pull the shoulders back.

But a slight change in a person’s posture such as foot positioning, distribution of weight, the angles of your hips and knee, position of your lower back and the directions of your shoulder can affect your game and overall physical health.

Although, no golfer is protected from injuries whether it’s you or the PGA pro. But the difference is that the PGA pro is a trained sportsperson and rarely breaks his form. You, on the other hand, might screw up your golf posture all the time. The result of an improper golf posture might be a consistently bad game.

But if you improve your golf posture before, during, and after your swing then you might train yourself to lead a good golf game and in due course a lower score.

The companies that advertize the equipments that help correcting a golfer’s posture might sometimes be of assistance. But a couple reasons that have no association to golf can also unknowingly affect your golf posture and prevent you from playing a good game. The factor is known as pain and body imbalance.

Back Pain For Tiger WoodsWe all assume that if we are in pain then it might be difficult for us to play a good game. We have all seen golf games on LIVE TV. The best and the most experienced players can look like a beginner because of a hurting back or a knee that’s causing pain. If our body is in pain, then we will either deliberately or non-deliberately make changes in our golf posture to avoid and sometimes lessen the pain.

No matter how skilled a player you are, your body is bound to adjust itself for the pain and that will cost you to spoil your game. It is also not necessary for you to be in constant or severe pain to wreck your game. A slight change in the proper golf posture can create upsetting results.

There are about 85 % of golfers who suffer from the pain of neck and lower back during their game. But most of them enjoy the sport so much that they improve their game by applying techniques that help them reduce the pain.

Perfect SpineBody imbalance is the second factor that leads to a bad game. Most of our body is categorized as “weight-bearing.” The term is similar to a stack of block or the walls that bear the weight of our house. Our body is also built on top of itself. Starting from our feet to the knees, hips, spines, and even our heads are formed as a weight-bearing chain.

Our body is well balanced in the perfect world. If a person was split down the middle, then the right side of their body will be a mirror image of their left side. And when looked at you from a side view, your head will be over your shoulders and the shoulders over your waist and your waist will be visible from your waist. The body will be perfectly upright and balanced.

But acquiring perfect body balance might be rare unless you are already working towards achieving it. Our modern world is full of people that show improper body balance. Those who walk around with their head tilted one shoulder higher than the other is one of the examples of body imbalance. Pelvic shifts, shoulders rolled forward, poor posture, and shifting of the lower back can also cause the body to lose its balance.

Even if you have the ability to turn further to one side than the other or the muscles are tighter on the right then the left then the person is also said to be showing signs of body imbalances. The body imbalances can cause stress to your weight-bearing body and initiate pain in certain parts of the body.

Body ImbalanceAny area or part of the body can be affected by body imbalance, but the most common areas of pain are the lower neck that runs between the shoulder blades and the lower areas of the back. Most people are not aware that they are in the form of body imbalance. The shifts in our body weight are signs that your body has gotten used to the improper balance over the course of your lifetime.

You might be thinking that what body imbalance and golf have in common. Well, most importantly, your body will never completely heal from an injury or a fall if you are showing signs of body imbalance. It is similar to expect a scab to heal when you keep picking at it.

Body imbalance will cause you to repeatedly injure yourself and keep initiating the pain associated with your injury. This is why we keep experiencing pain in the same area over and over again. And we already know that a golfer in pain is not able to play his or her best game.

Most sufferers of lower back pain presume that they have to be in pain. They assume that the pain is inherited or just bad luck of life. But that’s not true. Regardless of your age group or the diagnosis of your symptoms, if you are able to pinpoint the imbalances of your body and try to rectify them, then most probably your body will heal more and you will see your neck and back pain shrinking.

The other reason for body imbalance that affects the gameplay of golfer is that a messed up golf posture will ultimately break a good game of golf. Body imbalance is not always associated with pain. The body imbalance is sometimes very slight and many people are not aware of the imbalance of their body before they start feeling the pain.

If your head is tilted to one side, or one of your shoulder is slightly higher than the other then the poor posture can create disturbing results in your game. A high hip, an imbalanced muscle, or a forward dipped pelvis are also signs of body imbalance and will wreck the final score of your game.

The body imbalance can also be compared to your car while it’s out of alignment. You might not notice your car pulling to one side or your tires going here and there while driving around town. But you will definitely become aware of your car being out of alignment when you take the same car out to race.

The car would be impossible to compete with and you would most probably destroy the tires of your car in the meantime. The reason for these devastating results will not be that your car is bad or your tires are not of good company, but because it’s not in good shape.

The same rule applies to the human body. Body imbalances can cause unnecessary stress to certain areas of our spine. The bones, ligaments, disc, and muscles are not created as weak or fragile, but since they are being used improperly they tend to break more. The result of these excessive stresses is long-term back pain and reoccurring pain.

To get relief from the neck and back pain, an individual needs to be aware of its body imbalances and try to correct it also. Without addressing the cause of your symptoms, you might not be able to get relief from the pain.

Once a person becomes aware of the importance of body balance and starts correcting their own imbalances, he or she can 99% live a pain-free life. An individual should have a goal to identify their own unique imbalance and try to correct it. The result of this can be a long-term neck and back pain relief.

A side benefit of correcting body imbalances is a great golf game. A reduced amount of pain and the body no longer compensating for its imbalances, many golfers are able to maintain a proper golf posture throughout their gaming sessions.

How to correct body imbalance?

Dr KennedyI have already explained the importance of body imbalance thoroughly in this article. I have also highlighted how body imbalance can help lessen the pain and improve your golf game.

Click here to find two complete home treatment systems. One system offers help for neck pain sufferers and the other is an aid for those who are the victims of back pain. Both the systems explain everything you need to know about how to identify your body’s unique imbalances and the steps you should follow to rectify these imbalances. These home treatment systems can be availed with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Each human being is different and what we specifically do to correct our unique body imbalances is exceptional for you. A set of stretches and exercises that are prescribed by your health care provider or your gym instructor will not give you the positive results that you want to achieve.

Your body imbalances cannot be corrected by techniques seen on the internet. A proper self-analysis is important to target your unique imbalance. You should find out the cause of your problem instead of chasing around the symptoms.

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