Scottsdale Golf Fitness Trainer

Mike Pedersen, Private Golf Fitness Trainer

If you are a golfer in the Scottsdale, Phoenix area and want to get started on a golf fitness program in your home, as a professional trainer, I currently work with golfers in their 50’s and 60’s, as well as professional golfers, who have a strong desire to improve their performance, and play better golf.

In Home Golf Fitness is a convenient service for golfers to work on their physical limitations, improve golf-specific strength, and flexibility that will improve golf swing power, consistency and accuracy, as well as eliminate pain from the swing.

I also work with in-home clients in Paradise Valley, Chandler, Phoenix and Tempe, but my schedule will not allow me to drive any further than that.

In-Home Gym

Fancy equipment is not a requirement for this training, although many of my Scottsdale clients do have complete home gyms.

All you need is a stability ball, pair of dumbbells and resistance tubing. This is a whopping $50 investment for your in-home golf gym. And all we need is 100 square foot area in your home to do it.

As your golf trainer, I will give you a great golf workout in 45-50 minutes, then some golf specific stretching to cool down.

The combination of the resistance training and the stretching will awaken your golf muscles and help you regain lost yards, as well as eliminate lower back pain.

Golf Fitness Over 50

Many of my current and past clients are over 50. When they hired me, they had tried lessons. Had bought gimmicky training aids promising “massive distance”, as well as bought the latest, greatest driving also promising more distance.

What happened was…NOTHING!

Because they had not worked on the machine that swings the club…your BODY!

It’s never too late. I’ll start at a very comfortable level that you will enjoy. No soreness afterwards. Just a feeling of rejuvenation. This is not your standard “weight lifting” like you see in the gym.

This is specific exercises and stretches targeting your golf muscles.

The end result is a tension-free golf swing loaded with power.

My fee is $100 per session, with a 3-session minimum. I don’t do packages. I do not charge for travel time.

You can contact me, and we can set aside some time to discuss your golf and fitness goals, and devise an “in-home” golf training program to help you accomplish your goals.


Specifically For Golfers Over 50.
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