How To Stop Flipping Wrists At Impact

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A recent email from a Golf Wrist Lag aid user:

I want to thank you for sending me the golf wrist lag aid. I am a member of the Laurel Country Club that is located in Laurel,Ms. Our country club was ranked the number 1 hardest golf course in the State. I average shooting around 78 to 77.

I have been practicing with your devise for about 3 weeks now and this weekend shot my best score of 1 over par and this is due to your training aid. My routine is to practice with the training aid before going out and playing a round. This gives you a good feel of where your hands should be at impact.

Thanks again for your help and look forward to purchasing more of your training aids.

Sincerely, Ernie Joiner

Today I want to talk about a very common swing fault that’s called “flipping through impact”. And it looks like this. And this is a killer for distance and accuracy in your golf swing. I want to show you a simple fix, but before I do I want to make a disclaimer.

Videos Based On Personal Experience

All the videos that I shoot are based on my own personal experience. I’ve viewed over a thousand golf swing videos of PGA players, senior PGA players, and all levels of handicap players. And I’ve studied the golf swing inside and out, so I know the biomechanics. But when I shoot a video like this, I’m coming from my own personal experience and opinion.

How It Should “Feel”

My videos are based on feel; what something should feel like. And I know throughout all the years that I took lessons from some of the best instructors in the world, some of them were underground, I used to beg to say, “How should it feel?” And they couldn’t tell me. So I just, through trial and error, got this on my own.

So I want to show you a really simple feel that’s going to correct your flip through impact.

Here it is, when you’re flipping at impact there’s many causes, and we’re not going to get into these, that could cause the flip from way at the top of the backswing coming down. But we’re going to talk about when it happens through impact here. So again, I’ve shown you before, here’s the ball down here. So innately, especially the higher handicapped golfer is going to feel like they want to hit the ball. And that’s called an early release, and you can see that with my hands right there. I’m releasing the club way too early.

There’s no lag going through impact. And actually when you release it early, and flip it, you know what you actually do? You’re adding loft to your iron. And if you ever wonder why you’re ball flight is real high, and it’s short maybe even 10 or 20 yards, just imagine – this is a 7 iron – so if I came through impact and flipped it, I’ve just turned this 7 iron into like an 8 or a 9 iron. So remember, each iron is roughly 10 yards, approximately. So we’ve taken this 7 iron and turned it into an 8 iron, now we’ve lost 10 yards.

Some of the golfers flip it so bad they turn it into a 9 iron, that’s 20 yards with your iron. So when I show you this fix, you’re going to get excited because it’s going to give you 10 – 20 yards on your irons immediately.

Have You lost Swing Speed And Distance?

Another huge issue with flipping is a loss of golf swing speed. When you flip, you are doing what is referred to as an “early release” or “throwing of the clubhead”, which causes you to lose your lag, and come into impact with slower speed, and the result is a dramatic decrease in your driving distance, as well as distance with every club in your bag.

“Feel Tip” To Stop Flipping Your Wrists Through Impact

Okay, so here’s the feel that I want. Here’s the simple, little tip. When you come into impact, you’ve got to have a cock in your right wrist here. So instead of flipping like this, you need to feel like you’re coming down like this. And the feel for you and the feel for me when I do this is that my handle is way ahead of my hands, way ahead of my club head when I come through impact. Something like this…. now I know this looks dramatic to you, but it won’t be once you do your actual swing.

But remember…when you’re doing drills, especially on the range, you need to go to the other extreme. Because what’s going to happen is, what you think you’re doing is what you’re not doing in real person live. I want you to feel like your hands are way ahead. Well, watch this, the feeling I got one time on the range was that I was going to take the palm of my hand, right here, and I was going to drive it through the ground past impact. The palm of my hand.

I wasn’t even thinking about my wrist at all at this point. I was thinking, even though the club was in my hand, I wanted to think about the palm driving down and through the ground like that. And watch what happens when you do that. Look at the lag.  I’m driving my palm down, look at that lag in the club. And when you hit a ball like this, you’re going to compress that ball like you’ve never done before.

It’s going to make a sound that’s different than you’ve every heard before. And it’s going to take off at a low trajectory, with lots of spin. But you’re going to get maximum distance because of that compression on the ball from the clubface. So again, the tip is, drive your palm of your right hand (if you’re a right handed golfer), drive it almost right into the ground. And like I said, when you’re on the range, over-cook it. Really try to get it out like this when you do it. And when you do that look at the difference of doing that as opposed to doing this. That’s dramatic, that’s like comparing apples and oranges.

This also is the proper release of your hands.

So that’s the tip today. Drive your palm through the golf ball into the ground. And then of course, after you’ve hit the ball, the rotation of your body is going to continue through. And that’s what swings the club through to the post impact position. It’s not your arms; it’s the rotation of your body that gets you post impact.

Give that a try and I know that’s going to help you.

Check Out This Training Aid To Fix Your Flip

In the meantime, I want to show you a really neat training aid that will correct this problem very quickly.

It’s called the Golf Wrist Lag Aid, I have it on my hand now, and you can see what it does. It automatically puts a bend in my right wrist. Which is the perfect bend to have wrist cock coming through impact. This is a hard piece of plastic, tightly wrapped around my forearm, so there’s no give in that. I mean for me to hit a golf ball I’m forced to have to rotate through with my body to hit the ball. Because remember, with this aid on, it’s forcing my wrist to stay back. Because, again, we want to fix the flip.

The only way to hit this golf ball now is to rotate through with my upper body. And also my lower bodies going to get out of the way. But the neat thing about this training aid is that it’s going to teach me that forward leaning shaft, that compression on the golf ball, and it’s also going to force me to rotate my body through. Now being a mid to high handicap golfer you might not even know that feeling. You might only know the feeling of the arms throwing out at the ball.

So when you do this, and you’re forced – when you wear the aid – you’re forced to rotate through. The sound that you’re going to get when you hit that ball is going to be like none you’ve ever heard before. It’s going to be like the pros, truly. It’s going to be crisp and compressed and that ball’s going to shoot off low and then gather height as it goes up in the air a little bit. But you’re going to see a lower trajectory through the take off area, the first 5 or 10 feet.

This is a phenomenal training – it’s so good and effective that I now sell it on my website. It’s 40 bucks, I mean, 40 bucks is a pizza and a couple of beers with your buddy. What’s that worth to you to fix this really painful swing fault?

I hope you get it. I hope it helps you. And I want to hear your success stories via email.

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